Laminated thermal insulation for pipes TM "Tube Flex"


We were the first in Ukraine to launch the production of laminated pipe insulation EVA / PE-Xb TM "Tube Flex", which is not inferior in quality to the best imported counterparts. The main difference between our products and competitors or imports is the use of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam of the PE-Xb type, which significantly exceeds in its thermostable properties the standard LDPE polyethylene used in the production of foamed polyethylene according to the classic technology.

Insulation pipe TM "TubeFlex"
Thermal insulation T&T Tube Flex made of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam type PE-Xb is used for effective insulation of steel, copper and plastic pipes in hot and cold water supply, heating, air conditioning, sewage, ventilation and refrige...
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