Polypropylene pipes - Type "Kras Pipe"

KrasPipe (лого)-макет.png

This product line is a budget solution for heating systems, cold and hot water supply and includes three types of pipes of the following types:

  • Polypropylene pipe, PPr PN 20
  • Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene pipe PPr-Fiber PN 20
  • Polypropylene pipe reinforced with aluminum PN 25

All pipes are manufactured according to TU U B V.2.7 - 29.2 - 35559629-001: 2012

We never claim that our pipe is better or worse than analogues. We know and guarantee only one thing: our pipe EXACTLY meets the STANDARDS or the Terms of Reference signed and agreed with the customer.

Compliance with the basic requirements of regulatory documents for this type of product, the use of high-quality raw materials, allows us to ensure that our pipes can be used when installing heating or hot water supply systems with ANY fittings that comply with DIN 4726, GOST 32415-2013, DSTU B V.2.7- 143: 2007, EN ISO 15875, as well as subject to the requirements for installation and operation, in accordance with the relevant product data sheets posted on our website.

Polypropylene pipe, unreinforced PPR SDR 6 (PN 20)
Scope: pipelines for cold and hot water supply, air conditioning and ventilation.
Polypropylene pipe reinforced with glass fiber PP-Fiber PN20
Scope: for cold and hot water supply systems.
Polypropylene pipe, aluminum-reinforced PN 25
Scope: for cold, hot water supply and heating systems.
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